Natalia Bishop

Member since Feb 2020

Founder & Chief of Happiness


Well hello, there!! I’m Natalia, Founder and Chief of Happiness here at Level Up. I’m originally from Colombia. Over the last 15 years, I've fallen deeply in love with the culture, food and, most importantly, the people of Louisville, Kentucky. My background is in Business Management and Marketing, but I have a passion for loving and investing in people and community. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a crazy Colombian lady with a camera (ChocolateBox Photography), followed by Story (a community-based co-working space) and Level Up is the latest addition to the family. I'm the wife of an incredibly smart man, and mom to two of the most amazing humans walking this Earth, a happy person, a sucky writer, a good friend and a big foodie. I never skip dessert and don’t exercise often, I like hot weather but fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I try to live every day one moment at a time and I believe mindfulness, respect, kindness, and compassion are the keys to happiness. As a mom, I want to be able to show my children that happiness lives within each of us and it is available at all times if you are mindful, kind and generous with yourself and others.

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