Erica Sartini Combs

Member since Dec 2018

Director of Product, Teacher Division


I joined the Level Up ladies in the spring of 2018 after having spent a decade in Chicago casting for theatre. What drew me to Level Up, was my very real need to curate moments of joy. These moments of joy have a ripple effect - spreading into every aspect of a person's life --  making us better partners, parents, employees, bosses, friends, humans. Level Up has mastered the art of joy and I'm so thankful to be a part of it!  I have a downright nerdy passion for logistics, all things office supplies, and Airtable. As an ISFJ-A, helping others is my jam!  I love making authentic connections and pushing myself in new ways. I'm a crunchy, meditation-loving, cafe-hunting kind of gal who loves spontaneity and adventures.  Outside of making sure LEVEL UP is leveling up, you can find me about town with my hubs, Nick and our kiddos, Vivien and Hatch. We enjoy all that the Louisville area has to offer, from independently-owned cafes and gorgeous parks to world-class theatre. Looking forward to seeing you at our classes!

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