Level Up is on a mission to connect, educate, and inspire women through a curated platform of online and offline classes and events. We do this because we know when women thrive, everyone in their community thrives. We believe in the power of knowledge and confidence to spark change and spread joy. We want to bridge and nurture communities, fill in gaps to get to that "next step", and encourage women to choose to create something beautiful in their lives. 




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Hi there! I’m so glad you are here!

In 2016, I began hosting in-person classes at our local coworking space.  I had no intention of turning these events into a business, but it only took a few classes for me to realize we had something pretty special. 

Over the last three years, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing people share their passion, connect in meaningful ways, and explore their own sense of curiosity.  But it doesn't end there. This sense of accomplishment, this happiness, it spreads like wildfire and rushes into every other aspect of our lives. Our students are having a blast learning new things and being together, but we're the lucky ones who get to be involved in this movement, the community they bring and the inspiration that flourishes in them. 

As we continue our journey into new communities, our hope is that we can continue nourishing these relationships, highlighting our local makers, creatives and businesses and spread the joy. 

We are based in Louisville, KY, with new markets emerging all over the US to help everyone Level Up! Thanks again for taking the time to look into Level Up. We are excited to see you in class soon!

With love and appreciation always, 


Natalia, Founder & Chief of Happiness


We strive to give back to each of our communities in as many ways as possible by partnering with local charities throughout the year,  to volunteer our time, as well as host events that benefit them directly.   We have pledged to donate up to 5% of our annual profits to charities local to the communities we serve.



AUTHENTICITY: We believe that our success is dependent on our team leading fulfilled, balanced lives with the ability to be their whole selves. We believe in processes with integrity, from hiring practices to teacher selection and class curation.

COMMUNITY:  We believe that when women thrive, everyone in their community thrives.We are committed to providing opportunities and environments in which women can gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.

CURIOSITY: We believe in the power of knowledge. Whether it’s building skills or exploring something new, the ability to be curious and creative are gateways to living a full life.

GRIT: We lead with tenacity, ingenuity, and purpose. It is with this resolve and passion that we see our goals through a lens of achievability. 



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