Where are the in-person classes?

Our in-person classes are pop-up style events, meaning they take place at various locations in each city (market). Teachers can host using their own personal resources, such as a venue they own, or they can host classes at our Level Up Verified Host PArtners. These Host Partners are collaborators with Level Up and support our mission. We love connecting women to not only to their community but also get them outside their bubbles and exploring their city! 

Where are the online classes hosted?

All of our live-online courses are offered through Zoom. A link will be accessible after you enroll into the class. To find your zoom link, head to your student profile. Scroll down to "Your Upcoming Classes" and click on the course you will be taking. From there you can scroll through the description to find your Zoom link (and any digital downloads your teacher has for you!) If you have not used Zoom before, please visit to download for class use. 

Where can I find the location of my class?

The easiest way to find out the location of your class is to check the class description here on our website, you will also receive a reminder email 7 days out and  48 hours prior to the class with detailed info and a map with directions just in case.

What size are classes?

Our classes range in size based on teacher choice, however, the majority of our classes range from 15-20 people. If you are signed up for a masterclass you can expect a smaller group with a lot more one on one attention but we try to make sure all of our classes have plenty of hands-on learning and lots of room for questions.

What do I need to bring to my class?

Once you register, you'll get an email detailing everything you need to know - location information, materials, and more. We provide everything you need for the majority of our in-person classes, so if no materials are in the email you can just bring yourself!

For Live-Online courses, the description will be clear about what materials you may need.  Please be aware if there is a digital download associated with your live-online course. It may have required materials for you to be able to follow along with the course. To find this, log into your student profile, scroll down to "My Upcoming Classes", click the course you are taking, and there you will see if there is a digital download link available to you.

Every time I try to get into a class, it's already full! Can you help me?

Don't give up! We are constantly opening new class dates, and we offer every class multiple times throughout the year. Email subscribers learn about our new classes before anyone else, so the best advice we have is to sign up for our newsletter. You'll get a list of new classes in your inbox every Tuesday morning, and you'll also get the inside scoop for news or updates about all things Level Up.

Will I get a reminder email for my class?

Yes! You should get an email confirmation as soon as you register for a class, and then a reminder email with all the details a week before the class, lastly, we'll shoot you a quick email reminder 48 hours before class so you don't forget.

Can I sign up for a masterclass if I haven't taken the beginner's class?

It depends! In most cases, the teachers are looking for a specific base knowledge prior to taking the class so be sure to check the class description, if you feel confident that you already know the basics of the subject and are well versed in the requirements then there is no need to take the beginners class with us, as always if you aren't sure and need extra help, feel free to email us at

I have a class suggestion, who should I tell?

We would love, love, love to hear from you! Some of our best classes come from within the community so please do share! All you have to do is fill out this handy dandy form and we will get to work on it asap.

Can I bring my child to class?

Each class offering and hosting venue is unique. Teachers will list an age requirement if there is one for their course. If you still have a concern, feel free to reach out to us at

Do I need to purchase two tickets for a live-online event if a two individuals are in the same room taking the course?

Yes! Just like our in-person offerings, tickets are based on individuals taking the class.  Our teachers work hard to provide high-value content for our community. We hope our learners respect our teachers enough to purchase an accurate number of tickets.  If you still have a concern, feel free to reach out to us at

Where can I leave a review?

We sincerely love and appreciate your feedback (good, bad, and ugly), as a small team it is absolutely invaluable to our growth to be the best we can be.  We expect a 5-star experience for all our students and teachers are held accountable. Level Up will always send a request for review after you have taken a class.  We'd also appreciate any love you want to share on social media using the #LevelUpWithUs


I signed up for a class, but something came up and I cannot attend. What is your refund policy?

All Level Up sales are final.  If you need to cancel a class, you have up to 48 hours prior to the start of class to transfer to another class date of that specific course listing - if an additional date is available. Level Up cannot guarantee there will be additional class dates for the listing being offered.

To Reschedule/Cancel a Class: Head over to your student profile, after you log in, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to the "your classes" section and click on the class cover for the specific class you are looking to reschedule/cancel.  Once you've done that you will see the class description and right under the price you will see a gray box with "cancel class" click it and follow the prompts.

Level Up and their Teachers reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a class due to weather, unexpected circumstances, severe weather, or emergencies. If Level Up or a Teacher initiates a cancelation or rescheduling of a class, attendees who have purchased tickets will be able to access a full refund via the original payment method, an electronic gift card, or transfer to another class date of that specific course listing - if an additional date is available. Level Up cannot guarantee there will be additional class dates for the listing being offered. 


I'm an expert in my field and I would love to teach a class, how do I go about it?

We are always accepting proposals for new classes! Please check out our "our teachers" page for a complete overview of our process and be sure to fill out an application. 

Do you have a need for more than one teacher per skill?

Absolutely! Please apply on the Our Teachers page. I own a retail business/restaurant/event space/co-working space and want to become a host partner, how do I go about it? We are looking for unique spaces and rad businesses to be our partners in showing off our great cities, please check out "Our Host Partners" page for a complete overview of our process and be sure to fill out the contact form so we can reach out to you.


Can I gift a class?

Gift cards are available for purchase online! You can purchase ahead of time and let our system know WHEN you want the electronic gift card sent to the individual. You must have their email to purchase.

I'd love to work for you guys! Are you hiring?

We're a very lean team but growing fast! New jobs are posted on our blog and we also post about jobs on social media and in our newsletter. If you're following us in any of those places, you'll definitely hear about new opportunities, also if you wanna learn more about our company and what we are all about, click on the about us section - hint: there may or may not be a contact form at the bottom of the page for you to join us! ;)

Is my class wheelchair accessible?

Due to the nature of our events being at various locations, we are not able to guarantee that all classes will be wheelchair accessible.  We try our best to make sure our host partners are ADA compliant. However, if you have a question about a specific class please don't hesitate to please direct message your teacher through your inbox or email us at and we can confirm accessibility prior to purchase.

I have severe food allergies, who should I tell?

Some of our events may be held at restaurants so please be sure to let us know if you have any severe food allergies so we can do our best to accommodate you, please direct message your teacher through your inbox. 




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